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What do you get when you take a precocious 20-something, remove the internalized shame about sex, and empower her to make her own decisions with her body? One hell of a good time.

I genuinely love being a companion, and I'm so glad to have made my way into this strange industry. I enjoy discovering what makes you tick, what turns you on, and having a relaxing and stimulating time together.

Josie's got: Auburn hair, brown eyes, two legs, over 100 million synapses. A very sexy prefrontal cortex. The ability to form and deliver coherent sentences. Insatiability in all its forms.

More of a numbers guy? Here you go: The Golden Ratio. The Fibonacci Sequence. The Boltzmann Constant.
Oh, and my measurements: 5'9", 34D.  38" / 30" / 38"


Likes: Dancing, singing, reading, making and eating all sorts of foods, zen, messing around in excel, manual labour, internet researching down rabbit-holes, neuroscience, developmental psychology, making beer.

Dislikes: The idea of time, zucchinis, seasonal allergies, sleeping in.

Some favourite books: Figuring by Maria Popova. What Love Is: And What It Could Be. The Lonely City.


Sexuality: Passionate, queer, vanilla with some spice.


When you message me, you'll have a reference from another provider you've seen in the last year, or include the offer to send a 15% deposit promptly. I get a bit tingly when you give me both — it shows that you're trustworthy. You'll also tell me about yourself! Treat it like any other introduction, entice me.

We'll likely meet in my incall. Maybe your hotel, but not your private residence if it's only our first date. You'll likely be a bit nervous, but we'll get on just fine. I'll greet you at the door with a warm smile and help your worries melt away.

Feel free to bring a beverage for us to share. I'm a beer girl, wine aficionado, and whisky lover.

You'll find I'm a titillating conversationalist who's passionate about kissing and sparks your fancy more than you expected. You'll check with me first if you want to review me, and you won't share any information I divulge during our session. I will, of course, do the same for you. The information economy doesn't have to run on little details about my private life, nor yours.

Excited and ready? Me too. Get in touch.

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I do not expect anything from you other than respect and the requested donation, but I deeply appreciate that some suitors want to offer up a little more to show their appreciation. 

Foods: I am sensitive to gluten, so gluten-free savory and sweet snacks are very appreciated.

Beer: Before my gluten-intolerance discovery, I was a beer aficionado and amateur brewer. If you happen upon a tasty gluten free beer, I would be very grateful.

Wine: Partial to a bold red, but open to all.

Gin and whisky: Yes please.

Non-alcoholic options: Ingredients for mocktails are always welcome!

Gift cards: Nettle's Tale, Honey Birdette, Sephora, Amazon, Tryst.


I wear a 34D and a medium panty. I'm taller than you expect. My favourites are those made by Andreea Preda, Studio Pia, and Marjolaine.

Designer goods: For bags, Loewe, Chanel, and Celine are my favourites. I prefer neutral tones, or a dark green or burgundy. I wear a size 10 shoe.


Donations to the following:

WISH, PACE Society, Downtown Eastside Women's Centre, SWAN Vancouver Society.

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