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I’m an on and off again academic, running screaming from formal education while still following syllabi in my bedroom. I have been and will likely be again a sex educator, urban farmer, research assistant, painter, dancer. I am both an open book and covet my privacy.

Outside of academic and debaucherous pursuits, I’m working on keeping my associated corporeal form moving and exploring. While I can be awkward on my feet sometimes, with these gazelle limbs that I was thoroughly unprepared for, I feel I’m at my most graceful and happy when I’m dancing. I am well versed in partner dancing. I lead and follow (in and out of the bedroom, hey-o), and I’d be happy to teach you.

Josie's got: Auburn hair, brown eyes, two legs, over 100 trillion synapses. A very sexy prefrontal cortex. The ability to form and deliver coherent sentences. Insatiability in all its forms.


I like reading beyond the abstract. I like pretty words and meaningful text. I’m an advanced photographer and very beginner violin player (I’ll play you like a fiddle too, my finger placements are more practised there). I like psychedelics and Zen buddhism, especially when I mix the two together (I asked my roshi, she said it’s fine). I like fucking women and men and people who fuck with gender. I am intensely interested in human sexuality.

Sexuality is important to me. I think it is under-acknowledged in our culture, under-appreciated, under-observed, under-studied. I started volunteering teaching sex ed five years ago. I read publications in sexuality studies like it’s going out of style (it was never in style, but a girl can dream that her nerdy interests will be in the spotlight one day).


What will we do together? If it’s more than a couple of hours, we’ll have a meal and make eyes at each other across the table before retiring to privacy to investigate each other behind closed doors. I’ll probably covertly tease you under the table. Longer dates will involve taking in something together alongside those activities: a museum, concert, film, scenery on a hike. I don’t want to blow your mind or anything, but there might even be kissing.

Will you like me? I understand this fear, but I promise I wouldn’t be able to do this if I didn’t get along famously with my dates. To guarantee it, be respectful, keep an open mind, work to communicate your desires and fears and all of that sexy stuff.

Why do you do this job? Do you like it? I will only work for myself or in collaboration with others. I require flexibility in scheduling and commitments. I am drawn to stigmatised positions. Not to mention, I have the libido of a teenage boy.

I'm nervous about booking a longer time, can we extend in the session? We shouldn’t end in the middle. A donation of 400/hour will keep things rolling, but let me know at your earliest convenience so I can ensure we have use of the space and I don’t have anywhere else I need to be. Also, remember that if we're spending 4 hours together, I'll need to eat a meal during that time.

Are you kinky? Will you do kink with me? Kink is a sometimes-fascination of mine, but it is not interwoven with my sexuality. If you’re looking for it, I like playing with domination through duets with another provider, and if our dynamic warrants solo dives we can go from there. If, on the other hand, you’d like to witness me in a delicious subspace which you help craft, I feel safest at the sublime hands of Maya Odelle in her beautiful dungeon. She can coach you through pressing my buttons and show you what I like while I sublimate into a puddle.

Do you travel? Both rarely and obsessively. I’m a laid back travel partner, happy in both economy and business class, more than willing to find interesting ways for us to spend our time, with a good eye for photography to document our time together in discreet ways if you so desire. Please inquire if you’d like me to join you in your city, or join you elsewhere.

I'm a numbers guy, what are yours? Gotcha, here you go: The Golden Ratio. The Boltzmann Constant. The Fibonacci Sequence. And here: 5'9", 34DD (or 34E if we’re being fancy). Bust 40”, waist 30”, hips 38” Tattoos: a small number to compliment the gentle curves of my body. Shoe: 9.5-10.

Can somebody else join us? Absolutely. Group sex is fascinating and delicious, and I'm known in some circles as the duo queen. I have an array of duo partners in the "friends" section of my website, and I'd love to see you and your partner for an additional 100/hour.

DSC04165 copy.jpg


I appreciate the art of a good gift, and I, like everybody, like being spoiled! I have a wishlist here if you'd like to get me something I've been eyeing.

Here are some other guiding principles:
- A strange beer (gluten
free, I have an allergy) or complex wine to share together, a bottle of whisky, mocktail ingredients, delightful cheeses and cured meats.

- High end lingerie, so I can adorn myself in straps and lace and think of you during my photoshoots. Studio Pia, Andreea Preda, Marjolaine, something I've not heard of.

- A book you found meaning in

- Clothes of quality fabric in black, forest greens, gold, burgundy, and white.

- a piece of jewellery. I wear simple gold pieces on most of my body, and strange eclectic earrings on my lobes

- Something handmade

- Something obscenely machine crafted

- Something obscene in general: We-Vibe, Lelo, Fun Factory, Womanizer.

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