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Time is just a construct, but sometimes we've got expectations and places to be, so a clock is necessary. I like to have enough time scheduled so looking at a clock isn't needed. The longer we're together the better, but I'll take you for an hour if I can get it. Let's tango.

I host in my Gastown incall. I also do outcalls to 4*+ hotels.




an introduction
time to unwind
dinner and dessert
delve in deep
2 hours
3 hours
4 hours
Outcalls: add 50 if within Vancouver
Duos: my rate + theirs. Duo partners listed here
For other lengths of dates, please enquire

What's on the menu? I don't really offer up a menu. I'm a person, not a restaurant. I'm all about girlfriend-style companionship. I play it safe, and I'm not interested in Grecian escapades. I don't like to plan things out, position by position. Let's get to know each other and see where our interests overlap. That said, if you have any total dealbreakers, then let me know.

Do you see couples? Listen, if I could make seeing couples 100% of my business, I would. I'm very bisexual, very experienced in group sex, and it is my absolute pleasure to help you two have the most fun possible. I like it so much that I charge my normal rate for it. You get a 2-for-1 deal!

Do I have to screen? Yes. Screening is a necessary part of making this work safe for me. If you've seen an escort before, please send me a reference name and number from the last year. If not, I will ask for your personal information instead over a secure email server with end-to-end encryption.

No screening = no appointment, which would be quite the tragedy!



In your message, please include your name, the preferred date and time of our rendezvous, and a reference from another provider you've seen within the last year, as well as the offer to send a 15% deposit. It doesn't hurt to include some more information about yourself. Entice me, handsome!
Alternate screening options available. No phone calls please.

Send a detailed message to:



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Though I spend most of my time in Vancouver, I love an opportunity to travel. I am happy to visit you in other Canadian cities, whether that's on tour, or via fly-me-to-you.
I do not visit the United States, but other than that, I'm open to out-of-Canada adventures!

For an encounter of this nature, please reach out and explain what you're looking for.